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What People Say

"Soft-yet-bold, confident-yet-blunt, the alt-pop artist is making a triumphant return in the name of blessing us with a fresh new cut- and we couldn't be happier about it."

Wonderland Magazine

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About Zoe Xandra

Zoe Xandra is a classical pianist turned pop artist hailing from Toronto, Canada. Her fixation on creating beautifully crafted pop songs with sumptuous melodies has quickly become a synonymous trait of the singer-songwriter, who has had many successes come her way already since embarking on the scene. 

Xandra released her debut EP 'TMI' in 2020 which led to her being showcased at Canadian Music Week the following year. She has been invited to play many showcases, from Toronto, to Austin, to Los Angeles. She has been noted by industry leaders such as Wonderland Magazine, Notion, CULTR, Exclaim!, and many more. Sync success has also been huge for Xandra, signing various deals including Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Discovery Network, Magical Elves (works with Netflix) and many more.

It was her time in Toronto that really shaped and defined her musical direction, creating the sound you can find in her music. Xandra has paved her own path and combined her multitude of influences into fun-filled and melodically flowing pop songs that stick. Bordering the lines of indie and alt-pop Xandra is uplifting yet bold and edgy with her commanding presence of vocals. All of her songs have a female co-writer. Xandra believes that women, when supporting each other, are able to communicate in a unique and honest way. Strategically working with women helped create an atmosphere of honesty and vulnerability, which influenced the creation of her music. She has always admired songwriters that not only wear their heart on their sleeves, but are also able to communicate real thoughts and emotions in an authentic and meaningful way. Xandra’s music carries a depth of emotion with it, that creates space for the listener to hear an authentic voice as she tells her story.

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